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Representing a new line of Cap torque test machines

We are pleased to announce that our company has recently been appointed as your Vibrac representatives throughout the Mid West. Vibrac manufactures a broad range of automated and manual precision torque testing systems for accurately measuring torque of numerous types of rotational devices.

Cap torque testing has been an integral part of the packaging industry’s quality control program for years. Cap torque testing helps prevent consumer complaints from difficult-to-open products, product leakage or spoilage from loose caps during transportation. Vibrac is the industry leader in the precision motion test equipment market. They continue to develop advanced solutions to industrial testing problems.

The new Series of torque test machines

born from a long line of market-leading cap test systems. This is a flagship model and is part of the next-generation cap torque analyzer. The Cap Inspector offers a range of improvements over the traditional Vibrac systems used and appreciated all over the world. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your new or existing cap torque testing requirements. We can help with new equipment selections, tooling, calibrations and service.

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