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The VAL550 is a high-speed Syringe labeling system for pharmaceutical containers, including ampoules, vials, syringes, bottles and cartridges. Combining the latest electronic systems with high quality mechanical engineering, the VAL550 provides accurate and reliable high speed labelling.

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry and all of the industry’s regulatory bodies, including the FDA.

Containers are fed either from trays (off-line operation) or automatically from upstream machinery (on-line operation) to the VAL550 infeed starwheel. Container flow is controlled via a simple ‘blade’ gating assembly. Containers pass to the labelling point, a sensor triggers the label feed, the leading edge of the label is driven off the backing web at a linear speed which matches the container speed.

This ensures smooth, accurate placement on the container surface. The container, gripped between an applicator belt and presser pad, is controlled as the entire label is pressed firmly in place, ensuring high registration accuracy. The container, gripped between an applicator drum and presser pad, is controlled as the entire label is pressed firmly in place, ensuring high registration accuracy.

The VAL 550 Syringe Labeling Machine Features:

  • ‘Auto-teach’ label length facility
  • Non-synchronous container feed without scroll feed
  • cGMP design
  • Positive-accept security system
  • Container feed by tray-in, tray-out feed, or in-line configurations
  • Accurate label application
  • Gentle container handling
  • Extreme versatility for different applications
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Hot foil coding unit
  • Digital scales for rapid container changeover
  • Fully validated security with critical device checking
  • In Process Control – system verification without production stoppages
  • Stainless steel 304 finish
  • Validation documentation and implementation package
  • Auto-reject system for both incorrect label data and missing label detection with reject verification
  • Touch screen HMI with key switch access run mode and set up mode
  • Counter package with full count reconciliation
  • End of web detection
  • High performance stepper for motor label web drive
  • Siemens or Allen-Bradley PLC controls

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