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Vibrac® was founded in 1960 and has been designing and manufacturing precision electromechanical torque test equipment for customers whose applications commonly require important torque performance data for improving quality, product reliability and engineering design. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), Vibrac® manufactures a broad range of automated and manual precision torque testing systems for accurately measuring torque of numerous types of rotational devices.

Originally founded as a manufacturer of high performance magnetic particle clutches and brakes, Vibrac® has grown into a company that designs and manufactures high precision test systems that are consistently used for measuring torque of small motors, bearings, fasteners, bottle caps/closures, medical devices, knobs, switches, night vision sensors, aerospace components, and countless other devices. Vibrac’s reputation for producing reliable testing systems and torque sensors has earned Vibrac® high levels of respect with quality engineers and scientists from around the globe. Vibrac® customers are leaders in many industries, including the automotive, bearing, aerospace, defense, computer, cosmetic, beverage, chemical, hardware and academic fields.

Vibrac Cap Inspector

cap inspector
cap inspector 1

Cap Torque Testing helps prevent consumer complaints from difficult-to-open products, product leakage or spoilage from loose caps during transportation.

The cap inspector series serves the beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, consumer product, automotive and chemical industries.

With both cold and hot fill customers, we have the machinery and the custom tooling to meet the needs of beverage bottlers large and small.
Plastic on plastic: 1776, 1802, 1810, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1820, 1823, 1824, 1842, 1843, 1845,1881
Aluminum on glass: ROPP
Metal on glass: Twist off lug

As the industry leader in precision motion test equipment market, Vibrac continues to develop advanced solutions to industrial testing problems. Sixty years of experience in the field of torque measurement is reflected in every Vibrac system.

The new Model 2100 Cap Inspector is born from a long line of market leading cap test systems, and is our next generation cap torque analyzer. The Cap Inspector offers a range of improvements over the traditional Vibrac systems used and appreciated all over the world. 

Improvements include:

  • New Windows 10® SmartScreen operator interface
  • New front panel with Date and Time display
  • Screen tilt adjustment for easy viewing in poorly lit conditions
  • Low profile and smaller footprint design
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Simplified programming and profile management
  • New options for viewing, managing and exporting data
  • New password security options
  • Wireless connectivity

Programmable Tests for All Types of Caps:

  • Test any closure or cap type, including twist off crowns
  • Non-destructive & destructive testing
  • Top load chuck for child-resistant testing
  • Dispenser pump cap testing capability
  • Automatic data transfer to 3rd party SPC software
  • Universal bottle clamping
  • Fast change part turnaround
  • Semi automation

Any Industry, Any Cap:

  • Beverage Spirits
  • Food/Dairy
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cleaning Products
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

Since our systems are automatic, there is NO MANUAL intervention during the test. Therefore, any risk of repetitive strain injury is completely removed, turning a potentially hazardous process into a safe one. An added benefit is that tests are carried out faster and more accurately with results automatically saved ensuring a high level of data integrity.

Vibrac Cap Inspector
Vibrac Cap Inspector
Vibrac Cap Inspector
Vibrac Cap Inspector

Vibrac Testing Options

vibrac test screen

With the simple touch of a button on the smart screen,the converted cap inspector can perform 6 different tests:

  • Bridge Torque
  • Incremental Torque
  • Removal Torque
  • Reverse Ratchet Torque
  • ROPP
  • Strip Torque Test

Vibrac Cap Inspector Conversion Kit

The new Model 2002 Cap Inspector Conversion Kit is for bottling facilities that have an existing  Vibrac system with an alpha-numeric keypad. This easy-to-install conversion kit includes a new enclosure with a SmartScreen Windows 10® control panel.

cap inspector before conversion
cap inspector after conversion

Cap Inspector before conversion

Cap Inspector after conversion

This is a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing cap torque tester to the newest control and data management technology without having to spend the money to buy a new system, and without having to re-validate your current testing procedure.

With the vast variety of cap/container combinations and a growing list of requested and required tests, Vibrac has gone to great lengths to be able to customize its units for any cap testing situation.

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