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Fedegari Technologies would like to meet with you

Are you interested in meeting with the Fedegari Technologies manager? You may know Fedegari but may not realize what all they do! Fedegari is a leader in sterilization equipment with many styles of autoclaves. However, they also have Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination, Fully robotic loading/unloading systems, Isolators, Steam washers, and a washer sterilizer combination unit. Fedegari are …

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PDA 468 Validation of Moist-Heat Sterilization Processes

From 23rd to 25th of March, PDA will organize a training course about the Validation of Moist-Heat Sterilization Process. It will be held in person, at the Fedegari facility in Sellersville, PA. It is a unique occasion to build a strong hands-on understanding of sterilization science and ongoing process control. It will be inspiring and very interactive, including brainstorming and practical example.  You can bring your own load items to have a practical example of sterilization processes. …

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Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer with over 1.5 billion doses produced and sold each year. The company is producing 5.000 doses of the covid-19 Covishield vaccine per minute. Fedegari in close collaboration with Serum and ACE Technologies provided an advanced solution for a fully robotized plant without human intervention,  increasing the efficiency of processing and transferring of sterile closures. Serum dispatches around …


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The FOD by Fedegari is the perfect solution for Bio-pharmaceutical Depyrogenation and Sterilization needs for Tools and glassware. FOD ovens, such as autoclaves, run batch processes and are the ideal solution for the sterilization of all those production lines in which the variability of products, batches and formats do not allow the use of continuous …

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Sterility Test Isolator

FCTS – Fedegari Sterility Test Isolator with built-in Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizer Innovation in a commodity market? When creativity is in your blood you cannot settle for basic innovation but you will explore new paths for revolutionary solutions. This was our goal when we started designing our first isolator. Process control Given Fedegari’s experience in different …

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Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment

Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment offers unparalleled efficiency for consolidating washing, sanitizing, and drying into a single process. With a customizable and optimized design, the Fedegari Steam Washer (FSW) uses steam to help provide an emollient effect on soils to lower operational costs by reducing the need for detergents, water, and energy. Also, using steam …

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