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Discussing Bio Decontamination, Sterile Antibiotics Solutions And Contamination Control

To talk on bio decontamination, are you interested in meeting with the Fedegari Technologies manager?

You may know Fedegari but may not realize what all they do!

Fedegari is a leader in sterilization equipment with many styles of autoclaves. However, they also have Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination, Fully robotic loading/unloading systems, Isolators, Steam washers, and a washer sterilizer combination unit.

Fedegari are famous for their industrial line of air, water, steam and H2O2 sterilization and decontamination solutions. Due to their reputation in the industrial application, Fedagari started a line of desktop, benchtop and standalone sterilizers that are suitable for laboratories and compounding pharmacies applications.

We have also done a number of free webinars with Fedegari as an attempt to help pharmacies understand that cleaning is an essential practice for any pharmaceutical activity, since it is impossible to manufacture drugs in dirty conditions. You can watch the recording attached below. We have made some efforts on presenting Bio Decontamination, sterile antibiotecs solutions and contamination control in general

Fedegari has evolved into a one-stop group that delivers highly customized solutions for the bio/pharmaceutical industry and production of sterile drugs. Over the last few years, Fedegari has developed many fully integrated robotized solutions for different customers worldwide, helping them achieve optimal performance and increasing cost-effectiveness. Fedegari’s systems are even present and actively contributing to the fight against Covid by running in multiple vaccine manufacturing plants.

Fedegari has been working on various innovative solutions taking an original approach: rather than focusing on a component or a technology, they are investing in developing deeper knowledge. Their expertise in sterile processes extends beyond engineering and process equipment manufacturing to include knowledge sharing with customers and partners in various levels. In this perspective, Fedegari are currently collaborating with a strategic network of partners including Rowan University, Intel Corporation/Wind River Systems, B&R Automation, Jim Agalloco and Kaye to offer continuous innovation and drive competitiveness for the pharmaceutical industry. The now-retired Head of Fedegari’s R&D delivered this evergreen lesson on Bio Decontamination.

Fedegari started in sterilization in the fifties and has been in the United states market since the eighties. They have a US facility in Pennsylvania for parts, service and engineering. They also have a new technology center there where several units are installed to facilitate training, cycle development, validation and machine demonstration. Your welcome anytime!

If you are looking for a custom solution for your product line please consider this video to be your starting point since you’ll find it very informative. The project is explained to the very tiniest detail just so you can get the bigger picture and better understand the challenges that we needed to overcome.

Another valuable presentation of our Lunch and Learn Webinar series is Fedegari’s explanation of how their technology allows strict contamination control for critical operations taking place.

Since Fedegari’s top experts will be periodically visiting us, we would love to stop by and discuss Fedegari’s capabilities with you. We can do a one on one or a lunch and learn. Even if you don’t have any current projects just having the info for the future could be of use. 

If you have any question please write to us by contact form or linkedin

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