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Lid Deflection Detection Technology

This technique uses a sensor system to check the positioning of the flexible lid sealing a container, identifying unexpected displacements that indicate the presence of leaks in the packaging. Again, the product to be analyzed is introduced in a test chamber in which a vacuum is created. The sensor in the chamber analyzes the formation …

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Bonfiglioli Does your parenteral packaging guarantee patient safety

Ensure the safety of Parenteral Drugs

Parenteral drugs use means other than oral administration and usually involve injecting the drug directly into the patients. This category includes all drugs that are administered either via injection or infusion. These products meet countless needs in the health sector: their method of administration ensures the desired effect is obtained quickly and safely, making them …

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Cold Storage Reach-In Chambers

Capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, our cold storage chambers deliver exceptional performance for applications where humidity control is not needed. This series of upright chambers can achieve temperature set-points as low as 30°C and is available in an extensive variety of sizes. Our cold storage chambers deliver strong volumetric (horizontal + vertical) uniformity of temperature, …

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Accurate labelers for pharmaceutical products

The CTE350 is a fully automatic tamper-evident labeler that can process up to 350 cartons a minute and accurately prints onto small cartons. The machine’s compact size of just over 1m in length enables easy integration into existing packaging lines. With a GMP design, the CTE350 separates cartons and transports them past two stepper motor-driven …

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Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer with over 1.5 billion doses produced and sold each year. The company is producing 5.000 doses of the covid-19 Covishield vaccine per minute. Fedegari in close collaboration with Serum and ACE Technologies provided an advanced solution for a fully robotized plant without human intervention,  increasing the efficiency of processing and transferring of sterile closures. Serum dispatches around …


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What is Unit Dose Packaging

Are you curious about, what is unit dose packaging? If so, LF of America is a true pioneer in the field of packaging manufacturing, especially unit dose Packaging.  For over forty years Lameplast Group has positioned itself as the worldwide leader for the highest quality plastic containers for several different industries.  This includes – pharmaceutical …

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The FOD by Fedegari is the perfect solution for Bio-pharmaceutical Depyrogenation and Sterilization needs for Tools and glassware. FOD ovens, such as autoclaves, run batch processes and are the ideal solution for the sterilization of all those production lines in which the variability of products, batches and formats do not allow the use of continuous …

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Contract Packaging Options by LF of America

Lf of America is the nation’s number one provider of turnkey Contract Packaging Options. this includes liquid product packing-and filling for OTC pharmaceutical and Cosmetics.  running such an operation, one’s self can be an overwhelming or impossible task when stacked on top of managing a business. We offer many different contract Packaging Options that can …

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Filling, Plugging and Capping All in One Solution

The RFPC series can handle various container shapes and sizes and a wide range of products from aqueous to heavy oils, suspensions and creams. RFPC models permit pre-programming container size and fill volume with visual on-screen data and diagnostic reporting. This machine can be equipped with 1-4 nozzles and is capable of filling up to …

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