September 2020

Reach In Chambers

Environmental Specialties’ Photostability Chambers

Photostability tests are common in consumer goods, such as nutraceuticals, personal hygiene, cosmetics, and food & beverage, as well as pharmaceutical research laboratories since exposure to light may sometimes cause unacceptable and unexpected changes in properties. In order to perform these tests accurately, specially designed photostability chambers are used.   These chambers are equipped with fluorescent lamps strategically …

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FOB4 Stand-Alone Lab Sterilizer: A Comprehensive Solution for Your Laboratory Needs

The FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is an autoclave that combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials and ease of use. The FOB4 Lab Sterilizer is suitable for the use in laboratory conditions for many different applications, such as: These sterilizers have been specially designed with ergonomical features for easy handling of higher volume sterilization materials and goods as: glassware, media preparation, liquids, in …

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Low Temp Walk-In Suite

Energy Efficient Walk-In Refrigerators & Coolers

Environmental Specialties’ popular Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes an innovative chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold temperature storage freezer vaults. It offers a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and product protection. Each suite is custom …

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