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Sterilizing Innovation for Acid Filled Syringes

Fedegari has developed a process of sterilizing Hyaluronic acid filled syringes smartly and innovatively. 

Several studies have shown that Hyaluronic Acid solutions degrade at high temperatures. So that begs the question: how does one properly and effectively sterilize Acid Filled Syringes without damaging them? Luckily, Fedegari has the answer.

They started conducting studies on how Hyaluronic Acids degrade at high temperatures, realizing that their viscosity decreases if exposed to heat, eliminating heat sterilization as an applicable methodology. The approach that Fedegari took is through an optimized thermal sterilization treatment, utilizing the moist-heat sterilization cycle technique that minimizes product overheating thus reducing risks of product degradation.

The process of the thermal dynamic peak cycle assures stable viscosity throughput during the product treatment procedure. Fedegari installed a counter pressure chamber inside the autoclave that automatically adjusts the air pressure on the inside that protects against plunger expulsion.

The complete study and calculations report can be found at this link

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