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cozzoli’s Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Machine: Productive Features

Cozzoli’s PF Series Powder Filling Machine feature a unique dual-level supply hopper and agitator that provides just enough material of uniform density to supply the dosing chamber of each filling head. This design promotes the highest level of performance for repeatability. This machine can be equipped with 2-12 filling stations with a speed of up to 300 containers per minute and a fill accuracy of +/- 1%.

How patented series of Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Machine minimize waste?

Their patented series of powder filling machines minimize waste, prevent product contamination and simplify the validation process. These machines bring a new dimension to sterile powder filling. The PF series of powder fillers are available with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 dosing heads. This high-precision powder filler can reach speeds up to 300 containers per minute, with accuracies of +- 1% of fill volume. Powder fill ranges of 50mg to 75 grams can be filled in a single metered dose. A multi-dosing feature is available for larger fill volumes.

This machine also features a unique dual-level supply hopper and agitator that provides a uniform level and density of the material to the dosing chamber of each filling head to maximize accuracy and repeatability.

Dosing is accomplished by applying a predetermined amount of vacuum to the dosing chamber. Once the chamber is filled with powder, the vacuum cuts off and a pinch valve opens, creating a pathway between the chamber and the filling nozzle. Positive pressure is then applied to the chamber, sending the powder through the nozzle and into the container. The systems’ powder pathway is completely enclosed, preventing any external contamination.

Cozzoli’s patented, innovative filling process requires no scraper blades or particle-generating components that could contaminate sensitive sterile products. There are no abrading parts within the product contact area.

Cozzoli also manufactures fully integrated Powder Filling Lines, equipped with machines for washing vials, sterilizing and dehydrogenating, filling,
stoppering, and crimping. For more info or to request a quote, feel free to fill out the contact form embedded on this page.

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