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PF – Powder Filler

Cozzoli’s PF Series Powder Filling Machine is a high-precision powder filler that offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Equipped with a unique dual-level supply hopper and agitator, this machine provides a uniform level and density of material to the dosing chamber of each filling head, promoting maximum accuracy and repeatability. With a fill accuracy of +/- 1% and a speed of up to 300 containers per minute, this machine minimizes¬† waste and prevents product contamination, making it the perfect choice for pharmaceutical applications.Cozzoli’s patented series of powder filling machines are designed to minimize waste, simplify the validation process, and prevent product contamination.

These machines are available with 2-16 dosing heads and can fill powder ranging from 50mg to 75 grams in a single metered dose. The powder pathway is completely enclosed, preventing external contamination, and there are no abrading parts within the product contact area.

By eliminating scraper blades and other particle-generating components, Cozzoli’s innovative filling process ensures that sterile products remain free from contamination. Additionally, Cozzoli manufactures fully integrated Powder Filling Lines, equipped with machines for washing vials, sterilizing and dehydrogenating, filling, stoppering, and crimping. With Cozzoli’s PF Series Powder Filling Machine, pharmaceutical manufacturers can improve efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure the highest level of product quality.

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