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Brevetti Angela at The Pharmaceutical BFS 2022 America Meeting

As part of the Blow Fill Seal month this October, Brevetti will be attending, presenting and exhibiting at a several events, tradeshows, and conferences.

Brevetti will start their US expo journey with the BFS International Organization American Meeting on October 12 and 13 in Columbia, SC. The team from Brevetti will do a comprehensive presentation on the new generation of prefilled syringes. Brevetti Angela has been producing prefilled syringes on BFS technology for more than 20 years. Their innovations in this field are constant.

Brevetti will showcase their ground breaking BFS technology that allows this type of packaging to be used for Vaccines, Injectables and Anti-coagulants. Their presentation will outline the advancements of their most current fifth generation of prefilled syringes.

They will showcase how each SYFPAC® machine is uniquely built with top quality components, with standard features always implemented by specific requests to meet the customer’s needs. To mention only a few examples: possibility of black and white separation, addition of inert gas, recirculation loop for suspensions, modification for temperature sensitive formulations, inserts to emboss variable information.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending or if you are in the area and want to book a meeting.