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headspace gas analysis hga what it is how it works and why it is particularly useful in the pharmaceutical industry 1

Lid Deflection Detection Technology

This technique uses a sensor system to check the positioning of the flexible lid sealing a container, identifying unexpected displacements that indicate the presence of leaks in the packaging. Again, the product to be analyzed is introduced in a test chamber in which a vacuum is created. The sensor in the chamber analyzes the formation …

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Bonfiglioli Does your parenteral packaging guarantee patient safety

Ensure the safety of Parenteral Drugs

Parenteral drugs use means other than oral administration and usually involve injecting the drug directly into the patients. This category includes all drugs that are administered either via injection or infusion. These products meet countless needs in the health sector: their method of administration ensures the desired effect is obtained quickly and safely, making them …

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Cold Storage Reach-In Chambers

Capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, our cold storage chambers deliver exceptional performance for applications where humidity control is not needed. This series of upright chambers can achieve temperature set-points as low as 30°C and is available in an extensive variety of sizes. Our cold storage chambers deliver strong volumetric (horizontal + vertical) uniformity of temperature, …

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5 facts about Vacuum Decay Leak Detection

Do you know these 5 facts about Vacuum Decay Leak Detection for filled containers? 1. It is a non-invasive and non-destructive practice based on the ASTM F2338.2. It is adequately sensitive to detect very small leaks and pinholes.3. It is be applicable to most pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, metal cans, aerosols, chemicals and cosmetic containers. …

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