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How Stepper-Driven Carton Labeler enhances efficiency

Newman’s CTE 350 stepper-driven carton labeler simultaneously applies tamper-evident labels to both ends of a carton at speeds up to 350 cartons/min and verifies label presence before indexing cartons downstream.

Is CTE350 a fully automatic carton labeler?

CTE350 is a completely automated that applies self-adhesive tamper-evident and hologram labels (security labels) to erected cartons. Designed primarily for the pharmaceutical industry where line space is at a premium, the compact design permits easy integration into existing packing lines. It can be used primarily for reverse-tuck cartons, for which the machine requires no tools for changeover between carton sizes.

A great new feature of our Carton Labelers is the full Newman ‘validation-friendly’ set of extensions. The CTE 350 can now be equipped not only with the label presence verifier, but it now incorporates the smart faulty label removal tool.

Newman’s Faulty Label Removal System is a step ahead of the common practice of rejecting containers or stoping the labeling system in the event that the container itself is out of specification, a faulty label is fitted or no label has been applied. It performs double checks on the label itself, once on the reel immediately after being printed, and it checks the final package to assure that the label was applied correctly and that the alignment and positioning are within specs.

The operation of the machine has also been greatly improved. At the infeed, cartons are separated, held under a top belt, and transported past two stepper motor-driven label stations. Labels are dispensed onto the overhanging vertical faces of the carton and applied with a roller.

Aeroplane and reverse tuck formats can be accommodated. Cartons proceed to the sensing station where sensors of the FLR system detect label presence prior to wipe down. Both labels must be present for a carton to be accepted; if not, it is ejected into a secure reject area.

The CTE 350 has the option to connect to the Easisplice 470 module, enabling reel changes without labeling downtime.

To learn more about the CTE 350 labeling system, please get in touch with our labeling product experts by filling out this contact form or writing us on Linkedin

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