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CTE350 – Carton Labeling

  • Carton Labeling
  • Up to 350 c.p.m.
  • Fully adjustable machine
  • In Process Control function
  • Compact design
  • Self-adhesive tamper-evident and hologram labels

At the infeed, cartons are separated, held under a top belt and transported past two stepper motor-driven label stations. Labels are dispensed on to the overhanging vertical faces of the carton and applied with a roller.

Aeroplane and reverse tuck formats can be accommodated. Cartons proceed to the sensing station where sensors detect label presence prior to wipe down.

Both labels must be present for a carton to be accepted; if not, it is ejected into a secure reject area.


  • Compact
  • GMP Design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • In Process Control
  • Stepper motor drive for label web
  • “Positive accept” security system
  • Automatic critical device checking
  • Reject verification
  • Product and reject counter package
  • All adjustments scaled for repeatability
  • No change parts
  • Validation Documentation Package


  • Easisplice 470 module enables reel changes without labeling downtime (2 required)