Sterilization FOW with drying station HP2 small

Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment

Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment offers unparalleled efficiency for consolidating washing, sanitizing, and drying into a single process. With a customizable and optimized design, the Fedegari Steam Washer (FSW) uses steam to help provide an emollient effect on soils to lower operational costs by reducing the need for detergents, water, and energy. Also, using steam …

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COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

We all know that most vaccines must be kept refrigerated at frozen or near-freezing temperatures to remain stable. That’s a problem when you consider that there isn’t enough refrigerated space in the world to store 7.8 billion vaccine doses. In addition, it’s highly anticipated that many of the vaccines that are being tested right now—or that are in early development stages—are going to need multiple doses, which further complicates the logistics of rapidly delivering vaccines to billions of people.

Innovation to ES2000 products

Innovation to ES2000 products

Bahnson Environmental Specialties is pleased to announce two innovations to our ES2000 Reach-In product line, which will be introduced as Bahnson’s standard configuration on October 1, 2020.  Both of these changes are in response to regulatory subjects that impact the core storage markets. First, the refrigerant used in our chambers will change from R404A to …

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Cozzoli Bench-Top Piston Filler

At Cozzoli, we offer complete filling and packaging solutions for your chemical, paint and industrial product packaging requirements. From thick applications to thin, we offer a wide range of liquid filling machines and capping machines to best serve your needs.Application Examples: Chemicals, Oil, Fabric Softener, Paint, Anti-Freeze, Glass Cleaner, Household Cleaner, Car Cleaning Products, Floor Wax, …

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Did you know that most drugs require dry room storage?

Designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates, such as dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles, our clean rooms are the ideal solution for specialized industrial production or scientific research—including pharmaceutical items, integrated circuits, and various specialized electrical components. Bahnson Environmental Specialties (BES) engineers dry rooms with an obsessive level of chamber design, construction, performance, …

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Bahnson’s Photostability Chambers

Photostability tests are common in consumer goods, such as nutraceuticals, personal hygiene, cosmetics, and food & beverage, as well as pharmaceutical research laboratories since exposure to light may sometimes cause unacceptable and unexpected changes in properties. In order to perform these tests accurately, specially designed photostability chambers are used.   These chambers are equipped with fluorescent lamps strategically …

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More than an Autoclave – The Fedegari FOB 4

The FOB4 Stand-alone Lab Sterilizer is an autoclave that combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials and ease of use. The FOB4 Lab Sterilizer is suitable for the use in laboratory conditions for many different applications, such as: Microbiology and analytical labs. Research institutes and examination agencies. Bio-Technologies and life sciences. Animal facility and clinical diagnostic labs. Pharmaceutical, food, chemistry industries, …

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Energy Efficient Low Temp Walk-In Suite

Bahnson’s popular Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes an innovative chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold temperature storage freezer vaults. It offers a more energy efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and product protection. Each suite is custom designed …

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