Interphex 2018


We are proud to announce the presence of our manufacturers to this years Interphex Expo that’s taking place this week at the Javits Center in New York City.

INTERPHEX has proven to be the place to find all of the State-of-the-Art Solutions you need to Cost Effectively Develop and Manufacture Quality Product. INTERPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event where you can “Experience Science through Commercialization”


If you are planning on attending this tradeshow please take note of our manufacturers Booths and the equipment that they will be exhibiting on the show.


Bahnson Environmental Specialties, LLC. – Raleigh, NC
Presenting their complete line of Walk-In and Reach-In Controlled Environmental Chambers designed for diverse pharmaceutical applications including HEPA Filtered Cold Rooms, modular and traditional Clean Rooms, Stability Chambers exceeding ICH guidelines and high capacity -75°C Cascade low temperature storage chambers. BES will present information on 3  of their unique High Volume Freezer designs for the biorepository storage market that allow reduced dependence on small unitary freezers.

Come see Bahnson at Booth: 1945


LF of America, the US subsidiary of Lameplast group is going to exhibit at INTERPHEX 2018!

Lameplast Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of plastic containers for the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. With more than 35 years of experience and a US branch located in Florida, the companies of Lameplast Group offer true turn-key solutions including the supplying of fully-automated semi-automated filling and sealing machines.

See their machinery and get some packaging samples at their BOOTH: 2364

Cozzoli Machine Company will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2018.

As a single source provider for individual components to fully integrated lines, they offer production solutions for every application, from pharmaceutical, cosmetic, e-liquid, health, beauty aids, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, paint and industrial products. Featured machines include the RPF8 Rotary Piston Filler, the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the GW24 Ampule/Vial Batch Washer, and the PF2-IS powder filler. Cozzoli will also be showing their tabletop F400XSS Liquid Filler.

Stop by to see our latest technology in Booth 2805

To set up a booth meeting, please contact Cozzoli at (732) 564-0400 or We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Claim a free pass for the exhibition HERE!


Life Scientific Awarded the 2018 Summit Club Channel Partner Award


We are happy to announce that Life Scientific has been awarded the 2018 Summit Club Channel Partner Award for Mesa’s Torque product line in recognition of our superior sales efforts and contributions!

At the end of each fiscal year in March, Mesa Labs chooses two partners from each product line that epitomize what Mesa looks for in a channel partner. This includes not only high sales but also a knowledge of the product and superior customer technical support.

There are several factors and attainment that Mesa identified as contributors to recognizing Life Scientific, Inc. for our partnership excellence. These factors include knowledge of the Mesa products that our team is offering, overall commitment to the success of these products, website marketing, cooperative spirit and most importantly, the creative approaches to the development of product and brand recognition throughout our territory.

We are pleased to receive the Distributor award acknowledging Life Scientific’s success and we are striving to reach the next highs as a Mesa Labs valued partner.

For more info on the Mesa Torque Product line please refer to our Torque Testing Webinars, part of the Lunch and Learn Webinar series, or contact our regional representative to provide further info on the product or service of your interest.

Bonfiglioli Engineering – Quality Control Solutions

Next week in Indiana, accompanied by Bonfiglioli Engineering, we’ll proudly exhibit our comprehensive range of solutions in the field of Headspace gas analysis, Visual inspection and Leak detection solutions.

Headspace Gas Analysis is a relatively new technology to the pharmaceutical industry though it has been well proven in the wine making industry for many years to ensure quality. This technology is non-destructive, non-intrusive and does not contact the product. It can be utilized to quantify a sterile containers physical condition by evaluating its gas headspace including partial pressure, Oxygen concentration or moisture concentration. The laser beam is then passed through the headspace of the container and a sensor evaluates if the laser beam was degraded through absorption by the presence of O2 or moisture in the headspace. This information is compared to the original laser beam power and yields comparative results.

Visual inspection is a mandatory practice for injectable manufacturers to guarantee both quality and patient safety. The finished products must be inspected to identify and reject visible foreign matter contaminated parenteral containers and units displaying defects that could potentially affect product quality. There are companies on the market that still rely on manual visual inspection that is prone to mistakes especially with detecting clear and see thru contaminants in the liquids. Even the most comprehensive and well trained personnel is succumb to errors. Unfortunately injectables and other human consumables aren’t areas we’d like to take risks.

Bonfiglioli Engineering provides dedicated solutions in the markets of Food & Beverage, Plastic, Metal Cans & Tubes, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Cosmetics, Aerosol and more, effectively meeting all industrial needs with state of the art technology, including non destructive solutions such as Leak Detection, Visual Inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis, apt for laboratories as well as in-line container integrity testing.

Bonfiglioli Engineering is a part of the TASI Group, the World Leader in leak test and inspection.

Get in touch with our product engineers so they can accommodate a meeting and a live demo on the equipment you might want to see in action.


An automation system in accordance to the GAMP5 pharmaceutical standard

By Fedegari, a Company specialized in the design of machines in the pharmaceutical field


Part of an international industrial group whose strategic objective is the supply of machines, systems, components and services in the field of contamination control sterilization for the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries, Fedegari was created by the brothers Giampiero and Fortunato Fedegari in the early 50s in Pavia. Born as a small artisan company dedicated to the production of various carpentry products, it has progressively concentrated on the production of sterilizers, specializing in the design of these machines for application in the pharmaceutical field. In the early 90s, it diversified its production also in the field of supercritical fluid processes (mainly CO2), designing and building systems and machines for extraction and washing processes.

A unique feature of Fedegari is the extreme dedication of the company, which has always rejected the idea of ​​assembling sterilisers and sophisticated machines with commercial grade component. This dedication has allowed Fedegari’s technology to be developed through a deep knowledge of the machines and processes. The same statement is applicable in the automation area when, at the beginning of the 2000s, Fedegari started to develop the current platform starting from a sophisticated operating system (Wind River’s VxWorks).


Integrated cutting-edge system

Thanks to the collaboration with SEW-EURODRIVE, Fedegari has created a sterilization plant with an integrated and robotized handling system for parenteral solutions in bags (FEDEGARI AUTOMATIC HANDLING SYSTEM FOR FLEXIBLE BAGS) which will soon be delivered to an important US customer. The system integrates the palletization of the product coming from three filling lines, through several robot cells (delta and anthropomorphic) with automatic feeding to two autoclaves with superheated water of large dimensions (cylindrical chamber with a diameter of 2400 mm x 14500 mm in length). These sterilizers are able to load 24 pallets of 20 trays.

The plant is managed by an automation system made up of 3 PLCs (area handling, robot loading area and unloading robot area) that integrate the control and safety on an Ethernet fieldbus and talk with 16 robot controllers and a supervision SCADA . In the system there are 5 vision systems for the pick & place controls of the delta robots.. The system has a vertical integration with the MES for the production batch management and the customer HISTORIAN for the collection of production and sterilization data. The autoclaves are managed in an integrated way with the Fedegari Thema4 control system. SCADA server software is virtualized in the customer’s IT with all services (remote authentication, SNTP synchronization and HW and SW asset management) with the presence in the field of 3 fixed and 1 mobile client stations. The plant is connected to the Fedegari after-sales support.


The MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive on board the system

Fedegari was facing a new technological challenge as it was approaching issues like those of handling, but Sew is a partner that is capable to support the most appropriate architecture for top level performance required by the end customer. Detailed mechanical and electronic sizing, design support, commissioning and product training courses were carried out to better familiarize the clients with the equipment and procedures

By working with the engineers at SEW, the Fedegari group has centered its project objectives and appreciating SEW’s expertise, quality and organization. Fedegari intends to continue its partnership with SEW-EURODRIVE so that new projects for the future are already being developed


FEDEGARI: in the name of verticalization

“The company has always been oriented towards innovation – explains Paolo Fedegari, managing director of the group. Fedegari differs on the market by virtue of the numerous innovations introduced both in the field of machines and in processes, as well as for the extreme verticalization of production. We have always refused the idea of ​​assembling our machines with commercial components”, concludes Fedegari.

Join Cozolli at INTERPHEX 2018


Cozzoli Machine Company will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2018 from April 17 – 19, 2018 at the Javits Center in New York City, NY USA. As a single source provider for individual components to fully integrated lines, we offer production solutions for every application, from pharmaceutical, cosmetic, e-liquid, health, beauty aids, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, paint and industrial products. Stop by to see our latest technology in Booth 2805!


Featured machines include the RPF8 Rotary Piston Filler, the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the GW24 Ampule/Vial Batch Washer, and the PF2-IS powder filler. We will also be showing our tabletop F400XSS Liquid Filler.


To set up a booth meeting, please contact us at (732) 564-0400 or We look forward to seeing you at the show!




Fast, flexible, and reliable, our 
RPF Rotary Piston Fillers are fully automatic machines, most recently designed to accommodate the different viscosities in cough syrups. The RPF is available in different frame sizes and models; the standard 2.75″ diameter cylinders and pistons provide fill ranges of 5 to 21 fluid ounces, with 4 to 36 filling nozzles, and speeds of 60 to 540 CPM. Overhead driven pistons feature a fine fill adjustment, achieving ±0.5% fill accuracy and are easily removed for cleaning and changeover. Read more…


The FSV50 Mini Monoblock is a small, reliable, high performance machine designed for processing vials in laboratory, clinical production locations or other areas with limited space. It is designed for use in a clean room environment, with hood isolation and laminar flow in mind. Designed to fill liquids or powders, then stopper or cap the containers at speeds up to 50 vials per minute, the Mini Monoblock is capable of covering a range of vial sizes from 1ml to 100ml. Read more…


The Cozzoli GW24 Batch Washer is a high production vial and ampule cleaning machine, designed for years of reliable operation. Using a PLC to control the wash cycle, the wash parameters can be programmed into the machine for individual wash cycles. Up to nineteen different wash recipes of 99 steps each provide for individualized customer requirements. All wash recipes can be password protected. Read more…


The PF2-IS Powder Filler is designed to promote the highest level of performance for accuracy, repeatability and easy cleaning. Totally enclosed product pathway with no abrading parts ensures zero powder contamination. Fine tuning fill-volume adjustments can be made on the fly without tools. This machine is configured for use in an isolator. Read more…


F400X-SS Single Piston Filler is your machine for filling liquids at low production rates with high accuracy. Fills aqueous solutions to light oils, easy to clean and sterilize, and is designed for rapid changeover. Read more…





Members of the Cozzoli team including engineers, sales, technical service and management will be available at INTERPHEX booth for discussion. Bring your application to Booth 2805.  



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Live Demos for Headspace Gas Analysis

The final week of March in Indiana, accompanied by Bonfiglioli Engineering, we’ll proudly exhibit our comprehensive range of solutions in the field of Headspace gas analysis, Visual inspection and Leak detection solutions.

We have the Bonfig LaserCube with us and it will be available for live on site demos upon request. It’s a state of the art non-destructive, non-invasive laser-based inspection technology for measuring the headspace level of gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as monitoring moisture levels. The inspection method is created to meet specific customer requirements offering extreme stability and accuracy in inspection even where the headspace is limited. The Laser Cube is a compact and lightweight system that is easy to use and set up via integrated PC and any wireless touchscreen tablet.

This type of testing and inspection is highly applicable to facilities producing sterile drug products packaged under modified atmosphere or vacuum as Oxygen sensitive and Lyophilized products.

The LaserCube uses Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy method which gives highly accurate readings of both moisture and oxygen levels.



Key benefits and differentiators of the LaserCube

  • Non-invasive and nn-intrusive inspection method
  • The tecnology is design to make Etalon effect egligible
  • Fast, reliable and repeatable results
  • Nitrogen purging is not required during oxygen measuring
  • Compact and durable design
  • Maintenance-free & quick changeover
  • Cost-effective solution with low power consumption
  • Fully automated test cycle sequencing with manual loading and unloading of containers
  • Data can be stored and exported (production, raw data, events, alarm)
  • Enhanced easy-to-use HMIU integrated functions
  • HMI real time display of statistics and raw data
  • Computerized system is designed to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11
  • Validation package guarantees complete and efficient regulatory compliance

Contract Filling & Liquid Packaging Automation Systems

More companies are discovering the various benefits of having their products prepared for distribution with a filling, sealing, and liquid packaging automation system. Probably most well known for pharmaceutical products, packaging automation machines are a modern, innovative solution. And the technology these systems come armed with makes them as efficient as ever. That is one reason growing businesses in multiple industries (such as health and beauty, OTC products, industrial, etc.) are seeking out companies like us. Continue reading or visit our website for additional information about our services and who we are by following the link provided here: LF of America.

Packaging Automation | Our Systems

LF of America has been pioneering the way for liquid contract packaging services for almost half a century. Where once it was necessary to use multiple systems for the various steps in the liquid packaging process, our newer machines can do it all. This means they are all capable of filling, sealing, and packaging liquids quicker than ever. They are capable of fulfilling contract packaging services small and large and enable us to be a part of distributing products for companies throughout the world.

We have seen various fill and seal machines come and go and are equally proud of our latest packaging automation system, the PentaFill A25. This filling, sealing, and packaging automation system fills up to 125 vials (from 0.33 – 1 ml) per minute and 115 vials (from 2 – 10 ml) per minute. This allows even large contract filling and packaging services to be ready for distribution in as little as a day. Watch our other packaging automation system, the PentaFill A10, in action in the video below:

Packaging Automation | Unit-Dose Packaging

One of our signature packaging designs is the unit-dose delivery system. Used worldwide for pharmaceutical, OTC, and cosmetic products, unit-dose vials come in strips of 5 with a turnkey top. We provide our clients the ability to customize these packages to their liking. Some examples of these custom unit-dose packages can be seen below:

Should you prefer to use a package you have already built up a recognition with, that is just as easy. Our contract filling, sealing, and packaging automation systems are capable of using most package designs and we will work with you to make sure your product is exactly how you want it.

West Pack 2018- Cozzoli

This year’s WestPack at Anaheim is more than exciting for all of us. Discover, see, touch, and test the latest innovations in bags, labels, paperboard, design solutions, and more from the world’s leading suppliers.


We are proud to announce that our manufacturer Cozzoli will be exhibiting their comprehensive range of handling, closing, and inspection solutions. Cozzoli’s technical expertise is evident throughout our diverse line of stoppering, plugging, capping and sealing equipment. Outstanding design advances like their inclined rotary stoppering head and high-speed crimp sealing machine continue to improve production rates wherever they are installed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see their machinery that provides reliable day-to-day operation designed to save time and aid in increasing plant utilization and efficiency. Stop by Booth number 5515 and discover why Cozzoli Machine Company can be the best solution for your facility.


This expo marks a big milestone for LF of America too. It will be their first trip to the west coast. They’ll be exhibiting on Booth number 5274, showcasing their Pentafill Automated A25 Fill and Seal machine. LF of America is the exclusive distributor of Lameplast cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging in the US, Canada and Latin America. With LF of America’s location and comprehensive warehouse facilities, LF of America receives and fulfills every unit dose and single dose packaging order with zero lead time.

If your packaging is already developed, LF of America works with you on various personalization options including pad-printing, labeling, hot-stamping, and silk-screening.

JVNW at CiderCon 2018

It might not have been marked on your calendar, but next week in Baltimore, thousands of cidermakers will get together for the United States Association of Cider Makers’ (USACM) annual convention. It’s a valuable chance to taste cider, learn about trends and better understand the state of the industry. CiderCon is not just a convention where we can all drink more hard cider. It’s an incredibly valuable event in terms of understanding the American cider market and where it’s heading.


Our Manufacturer JVNW is going to exhibit their comprehensive product range, from individual pieces of equipment to complete fermentation systems. Their services include cidery sizing, chiller sizing, equipment layout, professional installation, system testing, technical assistance, and follow-up support. JVNW will be located on Booth: 403 and represented by their Chief Operating officer, Mr. Kyle Sawyer.

CiderCon 2018 will be at the Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore.

CiderCon was created to effect positive changes in cider making, cider fruit production, the cider market and cider regulations. It’s an opportunity for the cider community to gather, share ideas, collaborate and learn. CiderCon allows cider producers to meet their industry colleagues to exchange ideas on best practices, innovations and trends.


See you there!

Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Containers from Bonfiglioli

The LF-S11 Machine by Bonfiglioli Engineering is designed for Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Containers and it is suitable for laboratory applications, statistical purposes as well as off-line testing.

Measurement System comprises applying a pressure differential into an airtight Testing Group enclosing the Container. The test objective is to detect Container leakages by measuring the reached pressure level as well as the pressure change over test time.

Call for more details 1 414 671 3332