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“Serialization Introduction and the 2023 US mandate” Complimentary Webinar

The countdown to the FDA Official DSCSA 2023 Serialization has started.

Join us Wednesday, December 21st at 11am CT for this Complimentary Webinar on “Serialization Introduction and the 2023 US Mandate”.

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Description: If you have an interest in Product Serialization, this webinar will be of value. Speakers from HICOF Serialization Systems, and their US Representatives, Life Scientific, Inc. will discuss the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Implementation and Readiness Efforts which is coming up Sept 2023. They will discuss how serialization can help Dispensers (pharmacies and health systems) be responsible for meeting enhanced FDA verification and traceability requirements. Content will cover Serialized Transaction Information (TI) including serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates that will supplant the advance shipping notice (ASN) and will require purpose-built solutions that can support EPCIS event data at the individual unit level; DSCSA traceability and verification requirements will depend on implementing a secure data exchange network.

We will integrate solutions that HICOF can offer manufacturers to overcome these new regulatory challenges.

This webinar will be extremely beneficial for those new to serialization as well as experienced engineers wanting to expand their knowledge and get current information about the upcoming regulatory mandate.

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