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Pharmaceutical Clamp-On Mixers

Pharmablend Mixers are designed with strict adherence to the ASME Bio-Processing Equipment Standard and 3-A Sanitary Standards. Pharmaceutical Clamp-On Mixers are mounted with a sanitary tri-clamp connection for use on Pharmaceutical vessels to meet sterilize-in-place requirements. An oversized mechanical seal is used to provide the specified 1″ annular clearance. Seal area can be readily visually inspected without the need for tools.

A debris well (to trap seal fines) with flush port is standard. The flush port is used to assist sterilization by ensuring all seal components reach the required sterilization temperature. Direct drives and gear reduced drives are optional. A stainless steel mount with padlockable access door will prevent unauthorized access to the seal.

Pharmaceutical Clamp-On Mixers Application:
  • Fluid mixing up 1,000 cps (consult factory for higher viscosities)
  • Blending miscible liquids and easily dissolved solids
  • Maintain batch uniformity and aid in heat transfer
  • Typical operating speed: 1750 (Direct Drive), 350 RPM (Gear Reduced)
  • Low-level, radial-flow (kicker) impeller

Typical Products:

  • Sugar Solutions
  • Blood
  • Water-like Liquids