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Dual Chamber Bottles

Introducing the LF of America Dual Chamber bottles with reservoir – the perfect solution for all your liquid and powder product mixing needs! With its unique design, this bottle allows for the convenient and efficient mixing of two different products just before application.

Featuring a 10 mL bottle and a 1.5 mL reservoir, this dual chamber bottle provides separate storage of two different products. The tamper-evident cap ensures the safety and integrity of the contents inside. Simply apply pressure on the top of the cap, and the internal membrane is perforated, allowing the contents of the reservoir to flow into the bottle.

Gone are the days of messy and complicated mixing processes – with the LF of America Dual Chamber bottle with reservoir, you can easily and conveniently mix your liquid and powder products right before use. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a DIY beauty enthusiast, this product is a must-have for anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient mixing solution.

At LF of America, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and innovative packaging solutions to our customers. With our Dual Chamber bottle with reservoir, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-of-the-line product that will make your life easier and more efficient. Try it out today and experience the convenience and simplicity of mixing two different products in one container!