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Concentric Mount Triple Motion Mixer

Triple Duty Mixers provide high speed, high shear vigorous mixing action for dissolving difficult to wet powders and gums that require a shearing action to break up clumps. Available in both top entry and bottom entry configurations. Housed in a stainless steel mount with oversized bearings for long life. Bottom entry style mixers feature a double mechanical seal for long life and are available in a belt drive configuration to eliminate the possibility of water entry into the motor.

Concentric mount triple motion mixer is designed to solve the most challenging of mixing problems. Used in applications where high shear mixing is required in addition to dual motion.

These mixers are the most versatile available and provides a universal mix tank that can handle nearly any product. The most common configuration is a center mounted scraper with an offset turbine style mixer and an offset top entry high shear mixer.

Triple Duty:

  • Fluid mixing up 250,000cps (consult factory for higher viscosities)
  • Blending of difficult to wet powders and liquids
  • Break up clumping powders
  • Typical operating speed: 1750, 3545 RPM

Typical Products:

  • Smoothies
  • Dispersions
  • Purees