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Wine Tanks – Economical Cooling / Heating Jackets

Whether wine tanks are conical, truncated, dished or open top; all are available in 2B (mill) finish or polished stainless steel. Specialized or standard manways are the best part of any ICC Northwest Wine Tank and a great source of pride.

Dimpled heat transfer surface (HTS) allow economical cooling/heating jackets to regulate the heat of fermentation. Multiple or split jackets offer precise control.

Fittings, valves, rotating racking arms, vents, pump-over piping extensions, removable drain screens, or cap management mechanisms, are all tools apart of the winemakers magic.

Wine Tanks – Fittings

Fittings are always adjusted, angled or gusseted per the winemaker’s instructions. Temperature wells are always gusseted for extra strength.

New louvered drain screen is offered as an alternative to the standard perforated screens.

Wine Tanks – Floors

Tank floors have changed dramatically in the past several years. Although flat & sloping with sump drains, dished or conical tank bottoms are still standard; new designs of steeply truncated floors have advantages when confined entry space regulations are involved.

Powder coated (painted) or stainless steel Legs/Bases are adjustable and can always accommodate fork lifts. Legs can be replaced with anchor pads for bench mounted tanks. Tank sizing specifications reflect seismic conditions. Adjustable foot pads for uneven ground surface are always constructed of stainless steel material.