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cold storage chambers

Cold Storage Chambers

Capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, our cold storage chambers deliver exceptional performance for applications where humidity control is not needed.

This series of upright chambers can achieve temperature set-points as low as 30°C and is available in an extensive variety of sizes.

Our cold storage chambers deliver strong volumetric (horizontal + vertical) uniformity of temperature, in order to help guarantee that each unit stored in the chamber is kept at the same exact temperature.

To reduce the impact that frost build-up can have on the everyday use of these chambers, each cold storage unit is equipped with an automatic defrost cycle. Furthermore, with the addition of an optional dehumidification system, the chamber can be frost free!

Environmental Specialties’ cold storage units are ideal for:

  • Storage of bulk raw-material and finished product
  • Depressed temperature stability and shelf-life studies
  • Chromatography and analytical separations
  • Media, chemical, and reagent holding

When assessing the performance of an environmental chamber, it is crucial to consider factors beyond temperature control and to take into account uniformity and repeatability. All chambers are designed to reach certain temperatures or relative humidity (RH) set points, and most chambers specify control accuracy. However, few chambers are designed to achieve volumetric uniformity, a measure that indicates identical conditions across every inch of storage space. The Environmental Specialties reach-in chambers deliver precise volumetric uniformity, with measurable temperature and RH uniformities down to 0.3°C and 3 percent.

Environmental chambers deal with highly sensitive products, which is why 100-percent mechanical redundancy of systems is essential. Unlike many reach-in chambers, the double- and triple-wide models of the series can be equipped with system redundancy to keep contents safe in the event of a mechanical failure. With control system wiring designed to meet NFPA 70E regulations for arc flash avoidance and R448A low-GWP refrigerant, Environmental Specialties’ chambers help to protect the environment and the technicians that service them.

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