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Environmental Specialties’ low temperature freezers as #1 solution for Bio repositories

Environmental Specialties low temperature freezers are custom built to customers’ unique size, temperature, and electrical control specifications. Their design helps conserve more energy and space than traditional storage methods. We custom design our Low Temp Walk-In (LTW) freezers according to your unique size, temperature, and electrical-controls specifications, as well as container type– from vials to drums to plates and more.

The Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes a chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold storage freezers.  It offers a more energy-efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and product protection.

how our low temperature freezers A Reliable Solution for Biorepositories

Each suite is custom designed to your explicit size, temperature, and electrical-controls specifications. Additionally, the LTW utilizes multi-door vaults that are capable of temperature setpoints of -60, -70, -75, or -80°C— located within -20 to -40ºC freezer corridors—that are designed to share a central cascade refrigeration system.

This suite is ideal for biopharma production and biorepository applications. With flexibility of product storage containers, including bottles, plates, small vials, bulk drums, and canisters, the LTW offers multi-temperature storage for a wide variety of products, including samples of drugs and various biological products.

Saving hundreds of thousands of both kWh and pounds of CO2 emitted annually, the ES solution can offer a 75 percent reduction in total energy consumption.

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