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Storing Critical Products

Temperature Uniformity for Storing Critical Products

Environmental Specialties‘ Ultra-Low Temp bulk storage suites are some of the most uniform and stable freezers on the market. They can also be equipped for blast freezer. Thanks to our flexible design and outstanding engineering capabilities, we can create dedicated blast freeze compartments within our suites for your incoming products. This includes all types of drug products that combine active pharmaceutical ingredients with excipients in a final formulation for delivery to patients in liquid or lyophilized form.

Is storing critical products in our Ultra-low Temperature suites good for its safety?

Besides the Blast Freezing capabilities, Environmental Specialties’ Ultra-Low Temperature suites prevent frost from wreaking havoc on your freezer performance. Their walk-in chambers are designed to not require a defrost cycle. This means they protect your product from being subjected to temperature excursions caused during defrosting.

When storing critical products, temperature excursions are unacceptable. That’s why our Ultra-Low Temp bulk storage suites offer exceptional temperature uniformity and stability. In fact, clients have told us that sensor readouts are so flat, they sometimes think they aren’t working.

Our popular Low Temp Walk-In Suite (LTW) utilizes an innovative chamber-within-a-chamber design to support the stringent biorepository and pharmaceutical requirements for ultra-cold temperature storage freezer vaults.  It offers a more energy-efficient alternative to the traditional “freezer farm” approach, while still delivering maximum capacity, multi-temperature storage flexibility, and product protection.

Environmental Specialties’ low-temperature freezers give you high-performance operation, significant cost savings, and greater dependability than ever before.

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