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Vaginal Wash Bottles

Vaginal wash bottles: Bottles with cannulas that are either fixed or slanted at 25 degrees with a 360 degree rotation, LF of America vaginal wash bottles are fully customizable. All with tamper-evident caps, these vaginal wash bottles come in 150 mL size. A great customization feature includes custom embossing in a large area of the bottle.

Vaginal cream dispensers: Various practical dispensers allow ease of use.

Three different choices include:

1) Pre-Filled with the product: Peel with dispenser and use the waste to push the plunger and allow the product to be released from the container. No product is ever touched by the outside elements. In addition, there is a tamper-evident seal.

2) Empty cannulas with plungers and screw threads to be filled with cream by the user.

3) Syringe with plunger and cannula applicator.