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SYFPAC® SVP TWIN’s key feature is the double-decker mould for higher productivity. With the same floor space and same clean room requirements as a SYFPAC® SVP, it increases the productivity by 60%. With almost the same utility consumption, it speeds up the production and the cost-efficiency of each batch produced. Designed for volumes ranging from 0.2ml to 20ml, SYFPAC® SVP TWIN is suitable for production of single use containers, as well as vials for multi-dose applications.

Range of volume goes from 0,2ml to 20ml. While having the same dimensions and utility consumption as the usual SYFPAC® SVP, the SVP TWIN carries a double-decker mould which grants a 60% increase in production. The moulds have the same characteristics of being modular, allowing various choices of container design, including different types of closure and ample possibility of embossing and space for labeling.

The compact size of the machine allows for reduced clean room dimensions of only 36 sqm, where only class C is required. Despite the higher production rate, machine dimensions remain the same as a normal SYFPAC® SVP, with no need of a larger clean room. There is also the option for Ultraclean technology, which separates black and white areas of the room to decrease the dimensions requirements even further.

SYFPAC® SVP TWIN machine can reach up to 27.000 units per hour and is particularly indicated for mass production. Just like all SYFPAC® machines, it can work 24/7 on three shifts, ensuring safe and reliable production. Its robust construction, together with its smart preventive maintenance program, prevents failures and unexpected expensive maintenance.

The possibility to work with either PP, PE or HDPE enables to pack a wide range of formulations, and gives to BFS vials/ampoules an optimal resistance to terminal sterilization as well as an excellent stability of product and shelf-life. Containers can range from very rigid to lightweight, from transparent to opaque, depending on the product requirements. The machine features a precise parison thickness control, which decreases plastic consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional machines. Vial squeezability is also improved, providing a better usability.

SYFPAC® SVP TWIN is suitable for filling solutions from 4°C to 30°C and it can be specially designed for heat-sensitive products like vaccines and biologicals. It can also adapt to fill solutions with higher viscosities and possible foaming, and recirculation systems can be designed for suspensions.