Life Scientific Inc

Storage Tanks

The 65 foot tall building allows one piece vertical assembly is an economical manufacturing method with the exception of the final circumferential weld.

The actual building site or installation constraints may require on-site storage tank assembly.

Seismic conditions are always considered.

Venting is especially critical in large volume storage tanks.
General rules and calculations are compiled with weather related effects to vent large tanks built for outdoor service.

Storage Tanks Skirts

Large tanks can be outfitted with an enclosed skirt allowing tanks in exterior locations to safely house instrumentation and monitoring equipment.


Mild steel or stainless steel legs, diagonal cross bracing and center supports are used in place of bases when applications require on-site adjustability.


Economical sectional bases are available in coated structural steel. The egg crate design can accommodate sloping or flat bottom tanks.

Load cells are mounted on sidewall brackets or legs. Sidewall bracket mounting facilitates suspended vessels, and are braced structurally within the tank wall. Leg-mounted load cells can be supplied during tank construction.

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