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ICC NW Combi Tanks – Wine Tanks

The ICC NW Combi Tank is comprised of two tanks stacked one over the other. The top tank is an open top primary fermentation tank. The lower tank acts as storage for the fermented wine. The top tank can be used as additional storage during the off-season.

The Combi Tank is excellent for use in the red wine fermentation process known as delestage, or “rack and return”. Gravity pulls the juice from the upper fermentation tank down to the lower, entering in over the top to become aerated. It then travels back into the upper tank and back onto the huddled mass of grape skins, thus accomplishing a second aeration. This process is efficient and simple with the ICC NW Combi Tank, fewer hoses reduces cleaning, no harsh pumping action for gentle grape handling, and a faster more efficient use of time and manpower.

The open top, punch down fermentation tank has a sloped bottom for easy pomace out direct to press.