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FOWS – steam Sterilizer

  • FOWS steam sterilizer is equipped with a AISI 316L stainless steel chamber.
  • Chamber’s inner surface mechanically polished until a roughness of less than Ra <0,4 μm, in order to avoid any water stagnation.
  • 6 RTD PT100 probes positioned in chamber for constant monitoring and immediate of washing and sterilization cycles. The probes are located in some critical points of the chamber, such as the interspaces of the door and water drain, in order to have the assurance of the uniformity of temperature.
  • Additional space for two validation probes, to ensure greater ease of data checking.
  • The hydraulic system and the valves are made of AISI 316L steel with sanitary finishing.
  • Chamber 100% air-tight guaranteed by two inflatable gaskets, with an original solution patented by Fedegari.