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Ampoule sealing Machines

Features of cozoli’s Ampoule sealing Machines that makes it standout

Ampoule sealing Machines accommodate a range of products from aqueous solutions to powders and even pellet applications. These high-speed ampoule filling and sealing machines are versatile, compact, and self-contained. These features, along with the accessibility of parts and minimal changeover time contribute to the successful operation of these machines.

How FPS Ampoule sealing Machines works?

The FPS – Ampoule Sealing Machines are ideal for filling and sealing ampoules with speeds from 15-120 ampoules per minute and a fill accuracy of +/- .5%. The FPS is designed with a sealed top cover plate to ensure the internal drive mechanism remains free of extraneous matter.

The FPS Ampoule sealing Machines series are compact ampoule filling and sealing monoblock machines; featuring an unscrambler, flushing, and filling stations and is known for its simplicity, operational reliability, and minimal maintenance factors. Utilizing Cozzoli’s exclusively patented sliding tube valve, the FPS uses stainless steel syringes and positive head pressure to fill the product with outer diameter dimensions up to 1” (25.4mm) at full speed. Ampoules from 25.4mm to 28.6mm can be handled by alternate indexing.

Fill volume can be changed by a simple adjustment of a calibrated sector arm. Volumetric accuracy of fill is +/- 0.5%. Bottom-up filling is provided through the provision of two cams to lower and raise on a 2” or 5” stroke. Other cams are available for any special bottom up filling requirements.

Since the blending of proper amounts of oxygen and gas is important for effective sealing of the ampule, this machine can be optionally equipped with a dual flow meter assembly that will visually indicate the oxygen and gas flow separately.

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