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Steam Air Sterilizer – FOA Series

  • Besides the standard versions from 830 to 14.800 liters, loading capacity is fully customizable according to customer needs.
  • Chamber internal surface mechanically polished with a roughness Ra <0,4 μm.
  • One or two doors in automatic sliding version (vertical or horizontal movement) or semi-automatic hinged version.
  • 5 PT100 RTD probes for temperature control (2 fixed – in the filter and discharge – and 3 flexible for the load).
  • Automatic sterilization of the air filter with fixed temperature probe.
  • 2 validation ports.
  • Fedegari exclusive patented door gaskets that assure 100% tightness. These gaskets are FDA compliant and optionally also USP Class VI compliant.
  • Piping and valves in 316L – 1.4435 and 316L – 1.4404 stainless steel.
  • Patented magnetic drives remove any tightness problem deriving from seal wear, and minimizes maintenance, without requiring any lubrication.