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Full Scrape – Industrial mixing tank

The Scrape n’ Fold Mixers represent  efficiency and reliability in mixing tank technology. Featuring robust heavy-duty bearings, a lower sanitary steady bearing, and gear reducer protection akin to our   series, these mixers ensure unparalleled durability and performance.

Mounted at the center for optimal balance, the mixers has a sanitary design with a removable and adjustable angle baffle, facilitating effortless cleaning and customization.

Employing a Full Scrape technique, these mixing tanks delicately but effectively scrape both the vessel’s bottom and sidewalls. This  process prevents product burn-on, ensuring superior mixing performance, particularly with high viscosity products. Conical or hemispherical bottoms are favored for optimal results.

Ideal for thoroughly blending higher viscosity substances, these mixers excel at minimizing foam production while maintaining mix integrity, crucially aiding in efficient heat transfer processes.

Common applications for these mixing tanks include handling light syrups, molasses, and heavy creams. Whether in industrial or commercial settings, these tanks offer reliability and precision, ensuring consistent quality in product mixing.