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CTE450 – Labeling Machine

  • Carton Labeling
  • Up to 400 per minute
  • Track and Trace Serialisation capability
  • Fully adjustable machine
  • In Process Control function
  • Compact design
  • Self-adhesive tamper-evident labels, anti-counterfeit and hologram labels

At the infeed, cartons are separated, held between top and bottom belts, past the Print and Inspect station where Serialized codes can be printed and then verified by a Vision system. Cartons are then transported past two stepper motor-driven label stations. Labels are dispensed on to the overhanging vertical faces of the carton and applied with a roller. Aeroplane and reverse tuck formats can be accommodated. Cartons proceed to the sensing station where sensors detect label presence prior to wipe down. Both labels must be present for a carton to be accepted; if not, it is ejected into a secure reject area.


  • Track and Trace Serialization capability
  • Compact GMP Design with stainless steel finish
  • In Process Control
  • “Positive accept” security system
  • Automatic critical device checking
  • Twin reject bins
  • Reject verification
  • Product and reject counter package
  • Validation Documentation Package
  • Low energy consumption


  • Easisplice 470 module enables reel changes without labeling downtime
  • Customer choice of Print and Inspect supplier