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6VAL – Labeling Machine

the 6VAL Labeling Machine, specifically designed for efficient labeling of ampoules and vials. With its impressive output of up to 275 containers per minute (c.p.m), this high-speed labeling solution ensures optimal productivity for your production line.

The 6VAL Labeling Machine is known for its versatility, accommodating both clear and paper self-adhesive labels. It eliminates the need for frequent change parts, providing a seamless labeling process and reducing downtime for increased efficiency.

Equipped with a fully validated security system, the 6VAL ensures the integrity of your labeling operations. It offers highly accurate label placement, delivering precise and consistent results on each container. The machine’s advanced sensor technology detects individual containers as they pass beneath, activating the label feed at the right moment for smooth application.

For container handling, the 6VAL utilizes an applicator belt and presser pad system. This ensures firm and controlled application, guaranteeing high registration accuracy. The machine’s design adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, featuring stainless steel construction for durability and easy cleaning.

Operating the 6VAL Labeling Machine is straightforward, thanks to its PLC control and color touch screen HMI interface panel. The machine provides a full counter package, allowing you to keep track of the labeled products. The included ‘positive accept’ security system ensures reliable and error-free labeling.

The 6VAL offers various optional features to enhance functionality based on your specific requirements. These options include production data printout, bar code reading systems, and different printing methods such as hot foil, thermal transfer, or laser printing. The Easisplice 470 module enables reel changes without labeling downtime, further increasing productivity.

Additional features such as Vision Systems for optical character verification (OCV), optical character recognition (OCR), and barcode reading, as well as ultrasonic label sensors for both paper and clear labels, provide advanced quality control and label detection capabilities.

The 6VAL Labeling Machine is accompanied by a full validation documentation package, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and providing comprehensive documentation for validation processes.