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4VAL – Labeling Machine

  • Ampoules Labeling
  • Vial Labeling
  • Outputs up to 200 c.p.m
  • Virtually no change parts
  • Highly accurate label placement
  • Numerous options to suit budget and spec
  • Both clear and paper self-adhesive labels

Typically, the containers to be labeled are supplied in trays which can be manually loaded at the infeed of the machine with labeled products being automatically reloaded onto empty trays at the outfeed.

Each individual container is detected at the labeling point as it passes beneath a sensor, at which point the label feed is activated. The leading edge of the label is driven off the backing web at a linear speed which matches the container speed; this ensures smooth, accurate placement on the container surface.

The container, gripped between an applicator drum and presser pad, is controlled as the entire label is pressed firmly in place, ensuring high registration accuracy.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Interlocked guarding
  • cGMP design
  • Jacking wheel adjustment
  • Simple container change
  • Accurate label placement
  • LCD message display
  • Fully variable speed drives
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC controls
  • Product and label counters


  • Hot foil, thermal, laser and inkjet printing options
  • Missing overprint detector
  • Missing label detector to stop machine
  • Bar code reading systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Validation documentation package and implementation
  • Easisplice 470 module enables reel changes with out labelling downtime
  • Double label feed inhibitors
  • End of label reel detection
  • Ultrasonic sensors for paper and clear labels