Inline Piston Filler

Inline Piston Filler by Cozzoli

The Inline Piston Filler series is ideally suited for filling a diverse range of products and is equipped with 2, 4, or 6 heads. These fillers are ruggedly designed, yet precision built, for long trouble-free operation. This series will fill product volumes from 0.37 to 157 ounces with a single stroke (depending on cylinder and piston sizing) into metal, plastic, glass or rigid paper containers. Larger fills are attainable with multiple strokes into the same container. Product viscosities may range from 1-100,000 centipoises and above. With proper nozzle and cylinder sizing, this machine guarantees accuracies of +\- 1/2 of 1% of the fill volume.

The fill nozzles are attached to a fully automatic, air-operated raising/lowering spout bar. The rate of the bar movement is controlled by flow-control valves. This feature pneumatically lowers the nozzles to determined positions, then the nozzles and product valves open. The pistons dispense the required volume of product through the valves and nozzles. The nozzles and product valve close, and the spout bar and pistons return to the “home” position.

The advantage of using a vertical piston design is that the IPF has a smaller footprint, taking up less floor space. Product changeover and clean up are easily accomplished – the product valves, cylinders and pistons are located just inside the rear guard door, allowing the operator easy access.

Some of the IPF machine standard features:

• Vertical Piston Design

• Individual Piston Adjustment

• 316 Stainless Steel Contact Parts

• PVC Product Tubing

• Starwheel Container Indexing

• Stainless Steel Top Cover

• 10’ Long Conveyor

• NEMA 4 Watertight Utilities

• 25 Gallon Reservoir

• No-Container No-Fill

• Features a DC Brushless Servo Motor

• Air-Operated Spout Bar

• Set of Fill Nozzles

• Operator Interface

• Safety Guarding

For further information about this machine, its applications and performance specs, please call us at 800-829-5741. or write to us on linekdin

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