Life Scientific Inc

XLTC Glovebox / Isolator

XLTC Glovebox is an equipment specifically designed to help reduce transfer of contaminates and infectious agents into the aseptic process.

It is the most aseptic environment available for sterile compounding either inside or outside of a clean room.

The XLTC directly addresses the number one and number two cause of contaminated sterile product.

XLTC is Safer.

Person is completely removed from the process. Wipe-down and staging both occur in a “fully isolated” ISO class 5 environment.

XLTC is Faster to Implement and to Operate.

No construction; receive, locate, install and train in 1/2 day. No handwashing, no gowning, less cleaning.

XLTC is More Economical.

No clean room, no engineering, no architecture, less than $10,000 per work station. Reduces garbing time and cost, maintenance costs, certification costs, HVAC costs, microbiological testing, far less training required.