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Warm Rooms

The ideal solution for applications like incubation or ramping, warm rooms offer stable, reliable performance year after year.

Varying in size from small step-in units to large stability storage areas with multiple air handlers—and with a range of temperatures from +10°C to over 70°C (with uniformity of ± 0.5°C)—ES warm rooms can meet the complex demands of anyone seeking a high-quality testing environment.

Our warm rooms can be designed with RH set point-control that allows for humidity control down to +/- 3%.

Environmental Specialties warm rooms can be used for:

  • Stability and shelf life studies
  • Cell and tissue culture
  • Raw material, bulk product storage, and conditioning
  • General laboratory incubation and pharmaceutical sterility studies
  • Animal holding chambers
  • Insect rearing and controlled growth
  • Thermal cycling
  • Product stress testing and burn in
  • TAPPI / ASTM product test chambers

Standard Features

  • Modular, metal skinned panels with urethane-insulated tongue-and-groove construction for chamber enclosure
  • “Cam-locking” construction with vinyl gasketed seams fitted on the interior and exterior of each panel to provide moisture and vapor-tight seal
  • Low-height aluminum ceiling plenum housing of DX and chilled-water evaporator coils
  • Totally accessible hinged drain pan for maintenance and cleaning of all interior plenum components
  • ECM fan motors for energy efficiency, which are rated for operating temperatures and remoted from chamber interior when necessary
  • Automatic defrosting with refrigerant hot gas a for quick and efficient operation set to 0.1ºC unit resolution
  • Semi-hermetic, continually operating compressors for extended equipment life and increased control and uniformity
  • Air cooled or water-cooled condensing units
  • Uniform horizontal and vertical air distribution through a lay-in ceiling air distribution system with anodized aluminum support
  • Fully accessible control panel to efficiently and securely house all controls, alarms, recording devices and communication networks
  • Bench-testing of complete control panel and electrical devices prior to shipment
  • Control panel certification built to MET, UL 508A
  • Conformance to FDA 21 CFR11 requirements for data recording, audit trails of controller settings modification, alarm history logs, operator event logs, and secure file transfers
  • Touchscreen system control of chamber parameters with 0.1ºC resolution for temperature and 0.1% resolution for RH
  • Electrical wiring to National Electric Code (NEC)
  • Vapor-proof LED, fluorescent, incandescent, or high-bay light fixtures
  • Factory leak testing of all refrigeration assemblies prior to shipment
  • Factory leak testing standards: Helium mass spectrometer to 1E-5, nitrogen leak testing unit coolers 300 pounds, condensing units 175 pounds, evacuations minimum 200 microns