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Vaccine Storage Chambers

Our vaccine storage chambers are capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, which can contribute to lowering both the expense of vaccine replacements, and the risk of exposure to compromised vaccines.

We offer a variety of upright cold storage chambers that achieve a wide range of temperature set-points, including the 5°C and -20°C needed for most COVID-19 vaccines.

Purpose-Built for Your Specific Vaccine Storage Needs

When vaccines are part of your business purpose, our vaccine cold storage chambers are preferable to household grade refrigeration. Our pharmaceutical-grade units are specifically designed for biologic, chemical, and reagent storage.

Our vaccine storage units offer:

  • Strong temperature uniformity
  • Automatic defrost cycle
  • Capacities ranging from 12 to 114 square feet

Your vaccine storage unit can also be customized with:

  • Frost-free operation
  • Four-bank lighting for photostability at 5°C
  • Back wall lighting for vaccine inspection at 5°C