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S350 – Labeling Machine

  • Glass Bottle Labeling
  • Plastic Bottle Labeling
  • Securitainers Labeling
  • Vial Labeling
  • Outputs up to 300 c.p.m
  • ‘Auto / teach’ label length facility
  • Quality Assured product
  • Color touch screen H.M.I.
  • Both paper and clear self-adhesive labels

Generally installed in-line, the S350 transports the containers along a conveyor and spaces them, using a scroll feed, before they enter the labeling station. The label is applied and then immediately the container comes under control of the applicator belt, resulting in precise registration and crease-free application.


  • Compact cGMP Design
  • ‘Auto-teach’ label length facility
  • Digital scales for rapid container changeover
  • Positive accept security system
  • Fully validated security system with Critical Device Checking
  • Minimal change parts
  • High performance stepper motor for label web drive
  • In Process Control – system verification without production stoppages
  • Accurate label placement
  • Stainless steel 304 finish
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC control system
  • Label coding options
  • Auto-reject system for both incorrect label data and missing label detection with reject verification
  • Touch screen HMI with run mode and set up mode (key switch access) facility
  • Counter package with full count reconciliation
  • End of web detection
  • Applicator belt cassette system with tool-less changeover


  • Validation documentation and implementation package
  • Recipe system for up to 100 products
  • 3 level password access
  • Printout facility
  • Continuous label supply via the Easisplice 470 unit
  • Queue switch control
  • Vision Systems for OCV / OCR / barcode
  • Rotary infeed & outfeed tables
  • Left and Right hand option available