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Model 2212 Gold Standard Calibration Bottle

Regular calibration ensures that you’re getting the most accurate results, which can greatly improve your ROI and avoid production loss and costly recalls. We recommend calibration be performed at least every 12 months, which is easily attainable using Vibrac Calibration Bottle.

The Model 2212 Gold Standard Calibration Bottle was designed to allow the user to quickly verify the calibration and operational repeatability of Vibrac models of torque testers. This process can be carried out in 2-3 minutes.

The Model 2212 Gold Standard Calibration Verification Bottle can be configured into the shape of a device to fit into Vibrac’s standard tooling packages. It is fitted with a head piece designed according to the customer’s testing requirements. It can also be fitted with a handle for non-motorized applications.

The Gold Standard bottle is constructed using high-energy permanent magnets and heavy-duty ball bearings to ensure the long- term durability of this calibration standard. Each Gold Standard bottle is labeled with an exact torque rating which can be set to a customer specification and is supplied with a certificate of calibration and traceability.

The Gold Standard bottle is manufactured exclusively by Vibrac and can easily be used on torque test devices manufactured by other companies.

To get a better understanding of the Gold Standard Calibration and the Torque Testing capabilities that we can provide through Vibrac’s equipment, please get in touch with our Torque experts through this form or directly via phone at 800-829-5741