Life Scientific Inc

Mobile Cleanrooms

Our Mobile Cleanrooms offer a modern alternative to traditional construction methods, providing a permanent and fully equipped solution in a fraction of the time and cost.

These cleanrooms are efficiently constructed, taking less than five months from the design phase to on-site installation. This rapid turnaround surpasses the duration typically required for obtaining permits for facility expansion from local government authorities.

We currently offer two ISO7 cleanroom trailers that are available for both rental and purchase options. These trailers were originally manufactured by Aseptic Enclosures, renowned for their quality and expertise in sterile compounding. The units have been fully furnished and previously utilized in sterile compounding operations, ensuring their compliance with required ISO and/or USP cleanroom standards. Additionally, the mobile cleanrooms are designed to meet the specific requirements of biology, military, or medical laboratories.

When you choose our Mobile Cleanrooms, you can expect a hassle-free experience with guaranteed performance and warranty. These turnkey solutions are ready for immediate use, allowing you to swiftly address your cleanroom needs without the complexities and time-consuming nature of traditional construction projects.

Upgrade your cleanroom facilities with our Mobile Cleanrooms and benefit from a permanent, fully equipped, and compliant solution tailored to your specific requirements.