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Cold/Freezer Room

A stable cold room environment is necessary for most types of product storage. Minor fluctuations in temperature and humidity can adversely affect research outcomes which is why cold/freezer rooms are critically important.

Whether you’re looking to store plasma and blood products, bulk raw materials, or even hazardous items, our cold/freezer rooms offer uniform temperatures between -50°C and +10°C, with single-point or variable set-point temperature control, and uniformity down to +/- 0.5°C .

Available in sizes from small step-in units to high-bay warehouse storage chambers, our cold/freezer rooms combine maximum flexibility with advanced reliability features.

Our chambers can allow for set-point control of RH to achieve control down to +/- 3 percent.

Cold/Freezer Room vaults are ideal for storing:

  • Bulk raw-material and finished product
  • Vaccines and drug products
  • Depressed temperature stability and shelf life studies
  • Hazardous material
  • Chromatography and analytical separations
  • Media, chemical, and reagent holding
  • Plasma and blood product

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