Beer Tanks & Systems

HERO brewing systems offer superior performance at every phase, from reducing the overall brew time, increased wort clarity, and hop utilization to crank out delicious beer for decades.

HERO System Features:

  • 5-8 Minute Mash In
  • 5 Minute Mash Transfer and Whirlpool Charging
  • Integrated CIP (Clean-In-Place) Piping with Mix-Proof Valves & Non-Clogging Claw Sprayballs
  • White Squall Hydrator, Self-cleaning
  • High Flow, High Efficiency, Low Shear Pumps
  • Remote Pump Control
  • Steam Control Valve on Brew Kettle & Mash Kettle (optional)
  • Chain & Puck Malt Conveyor (optional)
  • Water Push at Mash Transfer & Wort Cooling
  • Electro Magnetic Flow Meter at Water Mix, Lauter &
    Wort Cooling
  • Sanitary Control Valves at Lauter & Wort Cooling
  • Stainless Steel Electrical Conduit
  • Stainless Steel Strainer at Heat Exchanger Inlet (optional)
  • Swedged Out & Fully Welded Lauter Tun Side Manways (Fully Water Proof)
  • LED Tank Lights
  • CIP Protocols (Manual)
  • High Flow Heat Exchanger at Wort Cooler, Dual Flow Wort Cooling Assemblies for Ultra High Wort Recovery
  • High Hop/ Dry Trub Whirlpool Design
  • Wort Heater at Lauter Tun (Optional on Single Infusion Systems)
  • Hop Cooler at Whirlpool (optional)
  • CIP Protocols (Manual)
  • Start-up & Commissioning by Project Engineer

HERO Pro Package:

  • Brewhouse Automation Including Fully Automated CIP Functions