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What is the Easisplice Feature?

Newman Labelling has the solution to fix the issue with loss in production due to label replenishment with their Easisplice system. This is due to the function of reel-change over that the Easisplice uses in order to keep production running optimally. A breakdown of the functionality of the Easisplice begins with the holding of two label reels. The first reel acts as the label supply in itself while the second reel is used to enhance the rapid splicing.

An aspect of self-adhesive labeling which often gives cause for concern is the loss of production time incurred by label replenishment. Such losses become increasingly significant as machine speeds increase – more frequent reel change-overs result in more production downtime.

The Easisplice overcomes this concern by enabling reel change-overs to take place with no interruption to the supply of labels to the label head.

The Easisplice is supplied as a free-standing unit complete with an angled twisting bracket.


The Easisplice unit holds two reels of labels – one acts as the current label supply while the other is positioned to facilitate rapid splicing. A microprocessor control unit working in conjunction with photoelectric cells ensures that a constant buffer stock of labels is available in the buffer bin to the labeling machine.

As the current label reel nears its end, a flashing beacon alerts the operator, who triggers the reel to fully dispense into the buffer bin.

The end of the label reel is automatically detected on the splicing table, signaling the Easisplice to stop. The second reel is manually spliced whilst labeling continues using the labels in the buffer bin. Once the splice is made a reset button is activated and uninterrupted labeling continues

The Easisplice has a microprocessor control unit that works alongside photoelectric cells to ensure a buffer of label stock is always ready in the buffer bin within the system. Once the first label reel depletes to a low inventory the system will alert the operator to fully empty into the buffer bin. The end of the reel is detected on the splicing table, which triggers the Easisplice to stop. The second real is spliced manually while the labeling continues by using the buffer bin labels. After the splice is made, the reset button triggers and labeling continues without stopping.

For more information on integrating the Easisplice into your current labeling setup, or to discuss your labeling needs and the machines that can meet those needs, please fill out the contact form embedded on this page, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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