Storage chambers. Cold storage, freezers, warm rooms, dry rooms, stability chambers, archival storage rooms. Plasma and blood storage, vaccine storage.


Cold Storage Chambers

Capable of maintaining precise temperature-uniformity, our cold storage chambers deliver exceptional performance for applications where humidity control is not needed. This series of upright chambers can achieve temperature set-points as low as 30°C and is available in an extensive variety of sizes. Our cold storage chambers deliver strong volumetric (horizontal + vertical) uniformity of temperature, …

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low temperature freezers

Bahnson Environmental Specialties’ low temperature freezers as #1 solution for Bio repositories

Bahnson Environmental Specialties low temperature freezers are custom built to customers’ unique size, temperature, and electrical control specifications. Their design helps conserve more energy and space than traditional storage methods. We custom design our Low Temp Walk-In (LTW) freezers according to your unique size, temperature, and electrical-controls specifications, as well as container type– from vials …

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Preserve your data – Archival Storage Rooms

Archival storage rooms are used to store items that require unique environmental conditions, such as: books, posters, maps, charts, architectural records, still and motion pictures, negatives, x-rays, microfilm, slides, tapes, disks, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metallic items, bones, fabrics, and more. Due to the significant value and irreplaceable nature of the items being stored, unique environmental …

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COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

We all know that most vaccines must be kept refrigerated at frozen or near-freezing temperatures to remain stable. That’s a problem when you consider that there isn’t enough refrigerated space in the world to store 7.8 billion vaccine doses. In addition, it’s highly anticipated that many of the vaccines that are being tested right now—or that are in early development stages—are going to need multiple doses, which further complicates the logistics of rapidly delivering vaccines to billions of people.