How to get a clean-room designed, built and certified in less than 5 months

In case you missed the presentation we did a few days ago on “How to get a mobile, economical “Plug and Play” clean-room for permanent or temporary installations designed, built and certified in less than 5 months”, we now have the recordings available for on-demand review.

In this presentation, we review the design/build process for our Mobile cleanroom suites. Our typical application has been pharmacy USP 797/800 compliant builds, but these can be customized to fulfill to meed your specific needs and requirements.

Our mobile clean rooms are designed to be a permanent, fully furnished, fast and economical solution to the traditional “stick-built” approach. They have the added benefit of portability. We build the configurations in shipping containers which yields an impressively durable installation. Units can be of various sizes. They can be stacked, combined, craned, forklifted or supplied on a leveling chassis for placement flexibility.

The design process is crucial for a successful build. Our team of architects, engineers, equipment planners and representatives work with our clients in the initial needs assessment process. After the assessment is complete, we work on submission of our first sign-off document, the conceptual design. Usually, within just a few days, we are able to submit an exceptionally detailed 3d model for evaluation and comment. Typically, after just a few iterations we have “sign off” and begin ordering long lead items and producing detailed construction documents for final approvals.

Additionally, we will cover aspects of the production process, Factory Acceptance Testing, Delivery On-Site installation and final certification.

If you’re interested in having a further conversation, please get in touch with our team via 1.800.418.9289 or email us to be up to date as we will be scheduling additional sessions.

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