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Filling, Plugging and Capping All in One Solution

The RFPC series can handle various container shapes and sizes and a wide range of products from aqueous to heavy oils, suspensions and creams. RFPC models permit pre-programming container size and fill volume with visual on-screen data and diagnostic reporting. This machine can be equipped with 1-4 nozzles and is capable of filling up to 200 vials per minute with a fill accuracy of +/- .5%.

The RFPC series machines are versatile monoblock machines that can fill, plug and screw cap up to four containers at a time with speeds of up to 200 containers per minute. The compact size of this machine of just under 45 sq. ft. of floor space makes it suitable for every facility even those with space constraints. It’s frequently installed for use in cleanrooms where the space use efficiency is of prime importance.

The low profile frame, remote plug and cap pick up stations and open flow-through design of the central starwheel are instrumental in enhancing the passage of laminar air flow and minimizing turbulence. The only moving parts over open containers are the filling nozzles.

The RFPC can be used with various container shapes and can handle multiple loads. It is suitable for most liquids and anything from aqueous to heavy oils to suspensions and creams.

For more information for the specific applications for the RFPC please contact us at 800-829-5741.

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