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Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment

Fedegari’s washing and sterilization equipment offers unparalleled efficiency for consolidating washing, sanitizing, and drying into a single process.

With a customizable and optimized design, the Fedegari Steam Washer (FSW) uses steam to help provide an emollient effect on soils to lower operational costs by reducing the need for detergents, water, and energy. Also, using steam to heat the water instead of heating elements has been shown to improve washing efficiency and microbial decontamination down to 5.5 CFU log reduction. The FSW’s closed-loop piping makes a buffer tank unnecessary, and the system can be integrated with laminar airflow, robotic systems, and much more.

The washing and sterilization equipment features include:

– Custom-Made Internal Trolley with interchangeable shelves
– 316L Stainless Steel Construction
– Nozzles, Spray Arms and custom washing solutions
– Onboard Steam Generator
– Pressure Transducer, two Conductivity sensors as standard
– Total Organic Carbon Monitoring available as an option to monitor the final rinse
– Steam used with heat exchanger

The FSW provides customers with a strategic advantage and features a sleek design that takes up minimal floor space. For more details, contact us at 800-829-5741.

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