Evolving your process to Blow-Fill-Seal – a how to session

Evolving your process to Blow-Fill-Seal - a how to session

In this session, you will learn about the benefits and the considerations of switching or upgrading to Blow Fill and Seal technology. We will cover the complete process, various applications, applicable molds, performance, and financial scope.

We will also walk through some comparative case studies on the process of transitioning to BFS technology and much more.

This Webinar will take place on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 at 10 am Central Time. Please register via ZOOM if this is something of your interest.

Blow Fill and Seal technology is mainly used for pharmaceutical solutions. The examples of pharmaceutical solutions that can be packaged are injectable solutions, antibiotics, ophthalmological drops, suspensions, infusion solutions, solutions for dialysis, solutions for irrigation and solutions for hemofiltration. Besides this main field of application, this technology has been used also for packaging of fresh fruit juice, non aerated drinks, milk and various cosmetic products including creams.

The process begins with the Extrusion of plastic granules in the form of a hot hollow pipe of molten plastic called a parison.

The following step is the Blow moulding of the container from the plastic granule.

The subsequent step is Filling of the formed container from the top, which is still open (and still in a “hot molten” state).

The next step is Sealing the top of the container, which is still open and in a hot molten state. 

The final steps are for De-flashing to remove the flash or scrap, trimming the containers and delivering the containers outside the machine. 

Again if this might be a topic of your interest, please register via Zoom using the link below:


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